Saturday, April 18, 2015

Individual Notebooks: 4/18/15 (Stockton/Visalia)

Dillon Overton (LHP) -

Slim build evenly distributed throughout, minimal potentiality for mass to be accumulated with narrow hips/waist and condensed shoulders; some probability of weight in chest to be added, though not a tremendous amount. Weight figures not to present issues regarding excessive increases with a sustainable build, though bulk limited given thin dimorphic dimensions with strength through upper half essentially materialized. Throws from 3/4 with average action, little to no drag whatsoever with decent arm speed and a repeatable slot with consistent release point; exaggerated kick when set with ease to stride and soft front to start, smooth with little effort with deceptive path prior to stride. Drops arm out of the break, condenses action to average with ball initially shown out of the shoulder from the batter perspective; consistent deception to both handed competition, though extended path on occasion with prelimary looks to righties out of the stretch. Front side, lead shoulder and kick rushed periodically out of the stretch; landing hard, sluggish often with baserunners on with late release and more effort. Lacking deceptive arm speed on changeup at times from stretch as well, slowing with more methodical; mechanical approach with cross-body finishes more evident, velocity sustained though sacrifices ease; missing often with inner gloveside location. Fastball sitting 87-89 MPH with some life flashing at times, possesses consistent gloveside fade with wiggle alongside some armside run from the left to serve as another movement variation to the pitch; command hazy from stretch with east-west ability slowing, downhill ability ok though lacks consistent natural sink; sacrifices with pronation to get on top of the pitch on occasion. Command within the zone decent presently, though often sat loose with little plane; reliable in locating there with competent control ability. Flashes command enough to provide optimism for average eventual potential, can hit lower quadrants middle-in and middle-away to both handed sorts with consistent release and mechanical repetition; difficulties locating the barrel to his pitches when movement flashes on. Changeup shows reliably at 76-80 MPH, jumps out with out pitch potential; polished feel and command ability with good arm speed, shows continual confidence with the pitch regardless of count, comfortable pitching backwards off it. Release point in conjunction with the fastball, crisp downward plane with late funneling; tumbling bite located towards the armside (low-away to RHB) with repeatable movement, rarely deviates or loses shape; depth. Curveball shows at 71-74 MPH, muzzled early with the break with a set pitch limitation imposed during the outing; features vacillating 12-6, 1-6 and 1-7 shape from the left; exaggerated shape compensated with good bite and downward thump alongside some feel ability; comfortable with it in backwards situations with ability to be located within the zone, induced missed bats behind and ahead in counts. Noticeable pronation shown on the pitch, action slightly condenses with a slight slot elevation to service as tells; deception requires improvement with shape more readily tackled by more seasoned bats. Showed initial look at a potential split variations, only flashing within a couple instances with flucuating depth and frenzied arm speed, presently irrelevant; potential developmental project heading forward to figure in a fourth pitch up to a useable standard. Body language for the most part consistently unfazed, some frustration with stretch inconsistency and mechanical difficulties; makeup shows ok promise as innings begin to accumulate. 

Tyler Hollstegge (RHP) -

Average build with a thicker torso, some excess weight centered through the midsection and behind having already reached physical maturity. Delievery features excessive effort and a shaky front half, reliant predominantly on torque through the upper half with some preliminary rock-and-fire; landing often hard and shown to disrupt release at times, significant reliance on arm and shoulder to provide thump and velocity. Repeats with 3/4, gives southpaws blatant looks and righties some glimpses as well with a lengthy path prior to stride, slightly longer action with release vacillation; rough landing and momentum through the upper half often cause havoc with repetition ability, command ability not present with difficulty hitting edges while missing continuously towards the gloveside; present thrower. Worked practically exclusively from the stretch, some rushing at times with hurried front and break, showing shifting plane and downhill ability with some pronation required to produce sinking movement. Fastball hovering predominantly at 90-92, some occasional run towards the armside from the right, though minimal and often flattening; elevated often with slight wiggle, able to touch up 93-94 MPH fairly consistenly, capable plus velocity when required despite continual feel struggles throughout repetiore with late life and explosion on the fastball shown when reaching back for extra; present ability to take stuff and manipulate the pitch extremely raw, visibly uncomfortable in adjustments to his primary offering with pitching aptitude immature. Shows a slider with subpar shape and feel, lacking bite with early release and drifting sweep with uncomfortability harnessing the pitch, at the infant stages of approaching an effective or useable standard as lone break throughout the arsenal. Changeup flashes ok arm speed with effort, though detectable to advanced bats with some occasional plane and slight fade to the gloveside; does not figure to project versus more advanced eyes. Possesses split with depth shown enough to bode adequate potential, slight slot elevation with consistent effort with crisp, late depth and bite when on; effectiveness fluctuates with inconsistency on the thump and shape, some pronation in the grip as well that tells pitch off. Repetiore lacks anything at an average potential clip outside of raw fastball velocity, control rudimentary with repetition trouble with semblance to hit spots when locating zone non exsistent; TJS survivor with velocity increase through the previous summer and has carried through the offseason and spring, lacks major league ceiling with floating upside. 

Andres Avila (RHP) -

Delayed stride with an average action from the slightly lower than 3/4, average build with a bit of excess weight centralized through the midsection with naturally pronounced lower half; already has achieved physical maturity. Demonstrated consistent release point despite cross-body competition and a whippy finish, able to sequence change-of-pace stuff throughout regardless of count; grip, hand position constant through repetiore playing up the effectiveness. Lefties acquire looks with path, soft landing predominantly as upper half condenses through extension; relative ease in delievery despite lunge exacerbating cross-body finish with command able to flash, comfortable with present mechanical sequence without much hindrance. Shows fastball with some ok placement, able to hit spots east-west; cognizance with zone and plays up with some decent plane shown, minimal run towards the gloveside; can flatten on occasion, seldom utilized through the outing. Shows a cut variation with armside bite, ok command with late inward wiggle to righties, shows miss bat ability deep in counts on bats with short stays through the zone. Slider lacks traditional shape, extremely minimal dimension to the pitch with some late gloveside sweep; mixes horizontal movement with varying amounts of sweep, manipulates grip and wrist to produce differing amounts of fluttering. Able to show it through the zone, doesn't show sweep immediately from release; delayed movement figures more reminiscent of a cut slide interpretation, some feel for the offering with appropriate sequencing. Weilds a split with ok depth, detectable from release with a bit of pronation and arm speed shift; able to pinpoint through the zone consistently and induce missed bats for the level, utilized predominantly as a chase offering ahead in counts. Movement shows plane immediately from release, comfortable contorting depth and shape with the offering for desired result; confident with an organizational arsenal, able to potentially float through opportunities with pitching aptitude. 

Jonathan Joseph (RHP) -

Physically matured, thin frame with a moderately athletic build; pronounced limbs with broad shoulders, has successfully sustained dimensions throughout his organizational tenure without much fluctuation. Shifts from 3/4 to high 3/4 periodically on his curve, lengthy action with his front half collapsing through his motion; some difficulties with the landing on occasion with momentum pulling outwards towards the first base bag. Able to repeat desired result when set with fastball command ability, flashes two-seam with decent sinking action able to consistently show middle-low with consistent release despite a lengthy action, showing competence with repetition to southpaw competition with reliable ability to piece the four-seam towards lower gloveside quadrant of the zone. Fastball lacks significant, notable movement with vacillating downhill and non exsistent wiggle outside of some occasionally witnessed run to the armside. Rushed within the stretch, front; break hurried causing some difficulty with duplicating location and command on the fastballs, would show some elevation and late release. Curveball unbridled, significant tells to produce desired output with exaggerated shape and drifting spike; arm collapses, drag often present with an exaggerated slot and hand position shift on the pitch, fluctuation from 11-5 to some 12-6; shape and tightness inconsistent with depth shifting wildly, easily a NP offering that serviced enough to catch loose triggers out in front when through the zone. 

Bijon Boyd (DH) -

Thick torso and lower half, prominent through the hips the backside; some weight shaved off this spring, a bit tighter through the midsection with an innately bestowed barrel chest not providing significant physical optimism with age given profile. Speed unlikely to be sustained at present state through ultimate maturity, presently able to show plus pure run from the left side; quick twitch athleticism with instantaneous ability to harness from standstill, varying times from 4.06-4.14 to first base with slightly slow reads out of the box. Limited towards a corner projection with a well below average arm, significant effort required with prelimary momentum; minimal natural strength there. Lower hand position at the plate, slashes towards the zone with a short path prior to entering; able to generate up to average bat speed with effort, load present with an exaggerated lower half at times. Difficulty with timing ability; struggles to allow balls to travel deep, routinely early and shallow to pitches sapping raw already fringe at best. Shows consistent flat plane, though can cut through with a shorter stay on M-M; hands a bit unbridled on spin and depth to his gloveside, some struggles in acclimating to offspeed with detection to tells and mechanical shifts rudimentary at the present. Approach somewhat fragmented presently, will chase out of the zone and elongate in chase counts, trigger happy on elevated at times with timing difficulty; hips fire off early and late inbetween plate appearances in correlation with the front foot. Pitch selection ability raw with recognition ability on movement and release immature. Shows shortness at times, some barrel feel on M-I despite depth there causing some elongated attempts. Able to take one out with sink on M-M, out in front of the offering with a shorter stay; able to generate some loft to pull at a minute clip when barrel feel is present, decently strong hands with sturdy shoulders. 

Justin Higley (RF) -

Bulked up mass through the shoulders from Instructs; trim, ideal athletic build through the torso and upper half with longer limbs. Rarely flashes pure run from standstill, though plus-plus in a pure capacity with triggers firing after initial momentum; 7.77 to 2B while slow from the box from the left side; 7.32 first to third. Quick jumps, cognizant with reads on the basepaths. Good reads in the corner outfield, feels out contact well from right field with adequate range and soft hands; coordinated physically in stride with a fringe arm showing effort tethering him to a permanent corner post. Discombobulated at the plate, nagging elongation with consistent fringe bat speed showing average on occasion; timing extremely frenzied with a brief stay within the zone, feel for the barrel and barrel control very immature at the present; inner elbow position can collapse prior to initiating extension through contact. Shows slight load, hands swift into the zone with bat speed able to be generated with relative ease; hands drift backwards at times with significant spin difficulties on depth and tail. Some aptitude for acclimating hands to changes shown, but an extremely rarity with blueprint at the plate non existent at the present. Hips fire late and early wildly through games with fledging ability to time with catch stuff within the zone; not terribly coordinated or comfortable with the back half, reliant on hands and bat speed for opposite field ability. Able to flash some raw with little loft ability, shortness can show in bursts on middle-in with better barrel feel on elevated. 

Franklin Barreto (SS) -

Somewhat hurried defensively at shortstop, decent hands though slow off reads with trouble slowing the game down at the position; throws inaccurate when feet aren't appropriately set. Hands slightly better in fighting off gloveside spin, better detection on preliminary horizontal shape from release while remaining competent on middle-in plane; depth. Arm speed detection on changeups, sink still very much raw at the present; elongation constant on low-away fade with the trigger, hands extremely untamed. Continues to flash plus bat speed and rapid hands able to ignite in towards the zone, hips and timing a tad early with barrel feel in the infant stages of development. Shows consistent flat plane, though some shorter stays flashing on elevated and middle-middle. Approach rudimentary, pitch selection raw at the moment with overt aggressiveness on middle and away. 

Tyler Marincov (LF) -

Ok reads in the outfield, feet a bit fidgety at times off contact. Average build with thick shoulder build, shows fringe to average pure run at times from the right side; range adequate in a corner though lacks immediate fast twitch triggers. Better composure with the back half through extension, able to catch middle-away deep with coordinated barrel control and back shoulder through extension. Timing somewhat better, spin to the gloveside still gets elongation deep in counts with a fidgety trigger. Better idea of selection, little lengthier stay in the zone. Can fire late on occasion with hips off the front foot, barrel still shows some uppercut and vacillating feel. 

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