Saturday, April 18, 2015

Individual Notebook: 4/16/15 (Stockton/Visalia)

Tim Atherton (RHP) -

Average frame with a thick torso; evenly distributed weight throughout with no glaring probable physical issues set to arise; already has reached physical maturity at 25. Slightly higher than 3/4 slot with average action, lots of moving parts with momentum incorporated within the lower half and downward with the non-pitching arm following through to stride; long levers through motion with occasional repetition difficulties surfacing. Can be uneven with the front foot with hard landing, path towards the plate can vacillate with grip showing to lefties periodically; some deception to like-handed competition. Showing early release on occasion with lower slot on breaks; noticeable pronation showing on curve though limited throughout outing. Some cross-body finishes out of the stretch, command wavering with plane and downhill ability flucuating upon the four-seam; missing towards armside location with some overthrows shown with continual release trouble in bunches. Fastball showing at 88-91 with little run towards the armside, straightening out and lacking explosion; firmness with some slight fade and wavering downhill ability. Elevated at times with earlier release, spotting decently towards the gloveside quadrants of the zone. Cutter showing slight armside dip, though shifting and lacking overtly noticeable bite; can lack movement at times and relied upon for armside ability with some missed bats with late shift showing occasionally; not enough to combat major league plate coverage. Changeup showing shifting arm speed, though some flashing adequate deception for the league despite some elevation and release struggles; little downward fade showing occasionally, but lacking a significant amount. Sequenced behind in counts, fairly decent feel on the pitch despite vacillating production and stuff. Curveball muzzled on the evening, release loose and losing grip on a couple with 12-6/11-5 movement dependent on slot and snap, can drift through zone; telegraphed with visable pronation and shortened action, can be thrown for strikes though exaggerated shape and shifting spike. Showing lone cut slider, late; tight horizontal movement to the gloveside and commanded well, good plane and late movement. 

Sam Bragg (RHP) -

Significant effort from the 3/4 with an average action; leverage on the upper half and specifically arm with hips that have occasionally tendency to fly open with lower half repetition struggles. Front foot very hard at times, can disrupt release and slot at times with some repetition issues imposing themselves upon command ability. 88-91 with some run and late life, generating ok movement with placement towards the lower portions of the zone flashing. Tends to sit loose with the zone, control able to show though missing spots within the zone with elevation and plane fluctuation showing. Curveball at 78-80 MPH with sufficient bite; able to produce crisp downward spike with some control ability to armside competition. Consistent release, slurvy shape at times with 11-6 movement showing some horizontal dart initially towards the plate. Able to miss bats with the offerings, difficulty relying in situations when pitching backwards. Showing a split variation with some depth and good downhill, difficulty commanding towards lower portions of the zone; chase capacity presently with later release, grip a little off on occasion. Average frame with some physical projection still possible within upper half, lacks natural ability to generate stuff without extreme effort; repetition can float around with trouble hitting spots consistently.

Franklin Barreto (SS) -

Lone defensive effort on a simplistic belt high hop on moderate hit contact; some hesitance to chagre inward and capitalize off arm, hands little uncertain with easy read. Arm showing better accuracy when the feet are firmly set. Difficulty with timing offensively, trigger slightly early with continual immaturity in acclimating bat speed and showing present tracking. Barrel still evading him with feel flucuating at times, plane within the zone shifting slightly though not egregiously; revision required with issues nagging though not gargantuan. Hands unsure on tailing spin and sink, struggling deep in counts to take stuff towards the gloveside, recognition ability off release with tail or horizontal movement is iffy at best. Showing middle-in ability with some backspin ability to pull on elevated mistakes, shortness a constant with above average bat speed and rapid hands; tantilizing attributes continue to flash. Decent with armside location recognition, ok with run on like-handed arms with elevation; early release on fastballs able to be spotted. Ok reads on the basepaths, coordinated feet with fast twitch ability showing; some hesitance in trusting speed to second, learning mechanical tells and timing there still. 

JP Sportman (CF) -

Showing continual holes on offspeed, hands jet backwards awkwardly with struggles to retain position on spin from armside opponents, fringy bat speed with some barrel troubles tonight on middle-away; trigger jittery more so than previously shown on elevated. Approach disolving a bit, noticeable frustration. Acclimating bat speed to change-of-pace a present struggle, mechanical revision offensively may be likely if organizational preference is necessary. Ok range in the outfield, reads little slow off the bat; showing a fringe arm a tick above previously seen in Arizona. Throws a little effort heavy and offline with late release from the outfield. 

John Nogowski (1B) -

Choppy hands; shifty feet with limited range at first base. Body is a definite issue with excess weight through the midsection. Range fringe at best with some sluggishness off reads, though hand-eye coordination ok on picks and completions defensively in the infield. Can see plane and downhill well enough off faulty releases, shows ability to recognize depth at the plate and armside location appropriately. Fringe bat speed at best with limited natural pop, contact consistently shallow with difficulty catching stuff deep or at the doorstep of the zone. Barrel feel a bit off, hands loose through contact with a shorter stay within the zone; shoulders off-line and hips off-time with the front foot proving as an issue. Shows an ability with contact at the lower portions of the zone, plans inconsistent but some coverage at times. Well below average; non-prospect speed on the basepaths. Organizational type 

Tyler Marincov (RF) -

Reads; range coming inwards a tad off within the outfield while showing a fringe arm with ok accuracy; not too much effort in throws, shown tick above to average beforehand. Sink through the zone; downhill plane proving a difficulty to recognize and track, immature tracking ability with struggles on late movement. Can be a little trigger happy deeper into counts. Some plate coverage at times with ok barrel control, though hips can come early with rotation and struggle to keep the hands back with mid-pitch adjustments. Able to catch stuff on the doorstep with fringe to average bat speed despite looser hands through extension today, shoulders a little off-line through swings with a bit of effort when considering a mistake pitch. 

Branden Cogswell (2B) -

Hands continue to play as inconsistent in the infield; footwork and first step can be iffy with fringe range. Ok feel at the plate, with more downhill and armside location recognition, little less adept with middle-away command. Showing fringe bat speed with even plane, non-exsistent natural loft with hip rotation incompletion showing at times. Armside spin from the left proving to get the trigger a bit more antsy. 

Beau Taylor (C) -

Improved release and transfer abilities behind the plate with better footwork to play up a fringy arm. Accuracy has shown improvement through the spring and into Stockton while benefitting off favorable batteries. Game calling solid, hands are ok enough to remain reliable behind the plate with better agility and decent range. Showing good rapports with the staff, miscommunications with the battery mates keep to a minimum. Fringy bat speed with an ability to recognize armside plane and depth from the left side. Middle-away location causes elongation at times, not consistently short. Trigger iffy with armside spin, struggles to catch up with middle-in with timing struggles off the hips. Slower with a hands, feel for the barrel flucuating. 

Michael Soto (3B) -

Raw pop showing up to average out to opposite field, back half not terribly coordinated though hands strong with a bit of loft ability with a shorter stay within the zone. Fringy bat speed, ok with middle-away and plane. Struggles to keep hands back with spin and allow stuff to travel deep, barrel feel on middle location with a bit of mistake pitch ability for the level. Clunky at third, range showing subpar with an arm that can show fringe. Strong physical base and shoulders, shortness to the ball shifts often. 

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