Thursday, March 13, 2014

Michael Taylor's March and more

Michael Taylor has definitively emerged as the Athletics offensive spring training breakthrough candidate after a .353/.405/.647 slash accumulated thus far between his 37 plate appearances (12-34, 2 HR, 4 2Bs, 2 BB, 8 K, 1 HBP) in an ultimately and irrevalant performance towards his regular season output, but a minimal surge that ought to secure him an initial major league berth regardless. The long stagnant Taylor has starred consistent for Sacramento since arriving within the organization in the Brett Wallace swap, but had only amassed a cumulative 81 MLB plate appearances between three separate campaigns for Oakland, never having received a role outside of a momentary injury replacement or pinch hitting asset. Albeit, Taylor was rightfully putrid in his minuscule sample size (-0.7 fWAR), but the hulking righty shall likely latch onto a suitor this spring with his audition in Phoenix Municipal whether Oakland opts to retain him should there be an injury prior to opening day, namely the currently ailing Craig Gentry, or if they dispose of the out of options corner outfielder and permit him to navigate through waivers; a result which would now undoubtedly translate towards a ballclub wishing to provide Taylor with a major league try. Taylor shall have to thwart regression towards his blazing preseason sample already logged, but if so, then the 28 year old shall finally be granted with a placement he has so long desired. 

Other occurrences amongst the Oakland cast in Phoenix have included a plethora of injuries having bitten various members of the roster, including Addison Russell who has since been sidelined with a hamstring injury that could jeopardize the remainder of his MLB stint. Daric Barton is additionally absent with a hamstring issue, but ought to return within the next week. Ryan Cook and Craig Gentry have yet to debut and both seem hazy towards their March 31st prospects. If either were to be absent, Taylor and Fuld would contend for the initial Gentry replacement and Scribner would likely abscond with Cook's post as the Connecticut native is equally out of options. Derek Norris has since returned following a lengthy bout grappling with frequent back spasms and is now poised to feature for Oakland come April.

UPDATE (3/14):

Jarrod Parker and AJ Griffin have been announced as doubtful for opening day following revealed hindrances in Jarrod's forearm and Griffin's elbow. While the severity is unknown at the moment, both are likely to be absent from the initial rotation sequence for the Athletics upon the arrival of the regular season. Candidates to usurp their posts include Tomaso Milone, Jesse Chavez, Josh Lindblom, Arnold Leon, and Drew Pomeranz. While Chavez is practically guaranteed to be bestowed with a roster berth regardless, his versility could result in Evan Scribner supplanting his bullpen role as both righties have zero options remaining and Oakland will seek out every route possible to provide Scribner with a roster position. Additionally, Zach Neal, Murphy Smith, Drew Granier and Sean Murphy now shall contend for initial Sacramento roster berths as well, with Jeff Urlaub and Nate Long featuring as relieving assets affected positively from this development. 

Additionally, as MiLB contests have since commenced, the Athletics affiliate rosters have been released for public consumption after Shane Peterson, Michael Ynoa and Raul Alcantara were the first 40 man casualties and Jeremy McBryde, Jose Flores, Andrew Werner, Bruce Maxwell and Dusty Brown, who underwent shoulder surgery that'll squander his spring and initial portion of the season, were whisked away from the NRI contingent present --


RHP Jesus Castillo
RHP Drew Granier
RHP Sean Murphy
RHP Jeremy McBryde
RHP Paul Smyth
RHP Tanner Peters
LHP Andrew Werner
LHP Jeff Urlaub
RHP Nate Long
RHP Jose Flores 
RHP Zach Neal
RHP Frank Gailey
RHP Brett Hunter
RHP Murphy Smith
C Ryan Lipkin
MI Daniel Robertson (!!)
1B Max Muncy
SS/3B Hiroyuki Nakajima
C Beau Taylor
MI Dusty Coleman
2B Tyler Ladendorf
INF Alden Carrithers
OF Josh Whitaker
OF Chad Oberacker
3B Jefry Marte
OF D'Arby Myers
OF Shane Peterson
C Ryan Ortiz
OF Jake Goebbert


LHP Trey Barham
RHP Manaurys Correa
RHP Josh Bowman
RHP Raul Alcantara
LHP Omar Duran
RHP Blake Hassebrock
RHP Ryan Dull
LHP Jeremy Barfield
RHP Austin House
RHP Michael Ynoa
RHP Ryan Doolittle
RHP Seth Frankoff
RHP Shawn Haviland
RHP Jonathan Joseph
RHP Nolan Sanburn
RHP Seth Streich
RHP Chris Jensen
2B Sam Roberts
3B Renato Nuñez
1B Matt Olson
C Bruce Maxwell
C Phil Pohl
2B Antonio Lamas
MI Wade Kirkland
3B Miles Head
3B BA Vollmuth
OF Billy McKinney (!!)
OF Dusty Robinson
OF Rashun Dixon
OF Myrio Richard
OF Bobby Crocker
C Nick Rickles


RHP Sam Bragg
RHP Tucker Healy 
RHP Tim Atherton
RHP Kyle Finnegan
LHP Chris Lamb
LHP Chris Kohler
RHP Ronald Herrera
RHP Lou Trivino
LHP Brent Powers
RHP Bobby Wahl
RHP Dominique Vattuone
RHP Andres Avila
RHP Derek DeYoung
RHP Dylan Covey
RHP Kris Hall
RHP Tyler Vail
C Andy Paz
OF Jaycob Brugman
OF Dayton Alexander
2B Yairo Muñoz (!!) 
C Ryan Gorton 
3B/1B Ryon Healy
1B Ryan Huck
SS Chad Pinder
2B Melvin Mercedes
C Josh Miller
OF Aaron Shipman
OF Brett Vertigan
OF Ryan Mathews


RHP Dustin Driver
RHP Carlos Navas
LHP Dillon Overton
RHP Tyler Hollstegge
RHP Lee Sosa
LHP Matt Stalcup
LHP Jerad Grundy
RHP Jesus Zambrano
RHP Kayvon Bahramzadeh
RHP Hunter Adkins
RHP Junior Mendez
RHP Tyler Johnson
RHP Trevor Bayless
RHP Stuart Pudenz
RHP Travis Pitcher
2B/SS Jesus Lopez
SS Edwin Diaz
C Santiago "Jose" Chavez (!!)
C Iolana Akau
C Seongmin Kim
OF Bijon Boyd
OF Boogie Powell
1B Luis Baez
1B Michael Soto
MI Chih-Fang Pan
C Kyle Wheeler
OF Justin Higley
OF Tyler Marincov
MI Chris Wolfe

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