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Beloit Roster Projection

Following the Snappers remarkable first half crown, capitalizing and becoming the only postseason representative for the Athletics aside from the major league ballclub, Beloit emerged as a brooding mecca for Oakland potentiality between the long awaited actualization of Raul Alcantara, Michael Ynoa's first legitimate sample size, Ryan Dull and Tucker Healy surging to the most dominant closing tandem in minor league baseball, Renato Nuñez receiving his first full season opportunity, and Matt Olson alongside Daniel Robertson beginning to gradually develop following their previous first round selections to feature as Oakland's most intriguing organizational affiliate. Once more, the A's shall field a tantalizing cast throughout Wisconsin prior to their Midwest League contract with the Snappers expiring this offseason with outstanding prospect representation for the second consecutive campaign between McKinney, Herrera, and Boyd who ought to usurp the void vacated by the previous Snapper alumni. This contingent shall attempt to abscond with the third straight first half championship for the Beloit franchise and service as another playoff asset for the Athletics, and additionally the third consecutive MWL postseason squad following Burlington's 2012 journey into the September schedule. Below is the projected roster for the Snappers for their April exploits to be officially released within the approaching weeks, despite a hefty amount of eligible individuals not appearing yet still probable to wriggle their way onto the extraordinarily competitive Wisconsin alignment. Impending hidrancies and extended assignments shall inhibit a specific amount of farmhands to the extent that the Snappers will be able to admit their 25 man hopefuls, however that has yet to be disclosed, and performances within the Papago facility will alter who may gain entry. Regardless, at this instant, these are the Athletics set to be packaged to the Midwest League to contend with the turtles throughout the 2014 campaign.  

1B Ryan Huck
3B Ryon Healy
2B Melvin Mercedes
CF Billy McKinney
CF Bijon Boyd
OF Boogie Powell
OF Brett Vertigan
OF Dayton Alexander
C Ryan Gorton
C Josh Miller
SS Chad Pinder
IF Sam Roberts
IF Chris Wolfe

RHP Kayvon Bahramzedeh
RHP Gregory Paulino
RHP Kyle Finnegan
RHP Ronald Herrera
RHP Dominique Vattuone
RHP Junior Mendez
RHP Hunter Adkins
LHP Matt Stalcup
RHP Lou Trivino
RHP Sam Bragg
RHP Joseph Michaud 
LHP Chris Kohler


LHP Jose Torres
LHP Jerad Grundy
LHP Chris Lamb
RHP Tyler Hollstegge 
RHP Derek DeYoung
RHP Tyler Vail
RHP Vince Voiro
RHP Deyvi Jimemez
RHP Stuart Pudenz
LHP Brent Powers
RHP Tyler Johnson
RHP Lee Sosa
RHP Cristhian Perez
C Reynaldo Mateo
C Ryan Delgado
SS Chih Fang Pan
OF Jaycob Brugman
OF Tyler Marincov
OF Ben McQuown
1B Michael Soto

Beloit's projected outfield cast shall easily the most phenomenal within any single Oakland affiliate, utilizing Billy McKinney (.326/.387/.437 in 234 PAs, top 5 organizational prospect)  and Bijon Boyd (.290/.384/.439 in 467 career plate appearances in the AZL and Vermont, top 15 organizational prospect) to complement a contingent additionally brimming with an underrated asset such as Boogie Powell, whose actual name is the sensational Herschel Mack "Boog" Powell VI, after having recuperated from a season ending shoulder injury (.291/.371/.334 in 375 career PAs, 41:43 BB/K). Dayton Alexander, second cousin of Shane Victorino, debuted within Beloit during the previous campaign and Brett Vertigan featured as the Snappers reserve chip following a somewhat disappointing stint after an eyeopening April for the UCSB alumni. 

Ryon Healy, the 100th overall selection during the previous draft proceedings, will attempt to rectify a putridly inconsistent professional attempt with Oakland after a grotesque 2013 (.230/.255/.402, 17 XBH, 5:28 BB/K, 184 PAs) after a brilliant stint at Oregon to conclude his collegiate tenure with a 28:24 BB/K and a team leading 11 HRs. Known as a predominantly contact oriented bat, Healy was undrafted from Encino due to requesting a seven figure sum and therefore would dazzle while housed in Eugene to coincide with his starring within the California Collegiate League and the Cape Cod. While featuring at first base throughout Oregon and consequently the AZL, Healy would man 26 contests at third base with Vermont, where the organization wishes to capitalize upon him so not to interfere with Ryan Huck and Matt Olson's first base development. However, Healy's subpar range and lackluster arm strength translated to 12 errors committed through his month long Lake Monsters stint, so positional experimentation may be required should he continuously struggle while donning a Snappers jersey. The thunderous Healy would have durations of dominance, initially going 15-45 through his first eleven contests in Vermont with 5 XBH followed by an extensive bout of ineptitude within the NYPL, additionally constructing a 4-5 contest with two doubles and a dingers on September 30th immediately proceeded by a 1-19 stretch to conclude his season. His potential shall have to be extensively groomed, but Healy possesses some of the most astounding offensive capability amongst the whole of A's prospects, hoping to leave the suppressing NYPL behind him after Vermont previously stifled Daniel Robertson and Bruce Maxwell. 

Complementing Healy, Ryan Huck burst through as one of the Athletics most sparkling short season assets following his 27th round selection from Western Kentucky as a senior, earning consideration as of the Division I college baseball's most improved player. Huck, who ultimately would be bestowed the NYPL ASG MVP after catapulting a go-ahead 9th inning dinger for the American League squad, tapered off through August (.184/.279/.250, 10:30 BB/K, ~90 PAs) despite a stellar July (.306/.412/.514, 13:18 BB/K, ~90 PAs) within Vermont after his absurd AZL stint.  He would compile a cumulative line of .285/.378/.465 with an ISO north of .150 and a brief albeit dominant professional résumé versus lefties (18-45, 5 XBH, 11:8 BB/K) that should be entertaining to watch as his sample balloons in Beloit for the monstrous 6'5", 260 pound goliath that ought to service as the turtle's first baseman who could rapidly ascend to Stockton should he breeze past the Midwest League seamlessly. 

Chad Pinder, Oakland's competitive balance asset acquired at 72nd overall, originally arrived as a suburb defensive specialist at 3B/SS with some line drive, contact heavy capabilities that are projected to keep his offensive potential afloat. The Virginia Tech alumni struggled mightily through Vermont with a cumulative .200/.286/.293 slash and a mediocre 12:41 BB/K (25.5% K%) with a 81 wRC+, .253 BABIP and a .093 ISO while his acclimation to shortstop from his engrained third base post at VT was a difficult transition. However, the middle infield asset still is retained as one of Oakland premier prospects for his upside after inking his $750,000 contract and figures to fare considerably more well upon receiving his full season assignment. His middle infield companions include Melvin Mercedes, who usurped Daniel Robertson's postseason position after Robertson was absent following his father's death, Chris Wolfe and Sam Roberts, the only returning infield piece. Mercedes was spotless between August (.310/.388/.338) despite his complete inability to produce potent power statistics (172 PAs, 3 XBH, .021 ISO, .228/.331/.248). He compensates with his capability upon the basepaths with legitimate plate discipline instincts (12.2% BB%, 21:30 BB/K) for the 5'8", 170 pound switch hitting Jose Altuve impersonator. Chris Wolfe, Oakland's 30th round 2012 draftee from Grambling, another pitch recognition oriented bat with extremely minimal power ceiling, hitting .223/.347/.289 in 147 professional plate appearances. Sam Roberts, Beloit's utility journeyman, shall once more service as the Snappers injury reserve and pitcher in situations where the bullpen has been completely depleted. 

Ryan Gorton, the Oregon State backstop, and Josh Miller, the USC-Aiken 23rd rounder, shall likely contend with the marvelous 25 year old, 5'8", 240 pound Reynaldo Mateo and former Snapper catcher in Ryan Delgado. Gorton, who missed the 2012 campaign immediately following his selection attributable to injury, hit .212/.339/.260 between 127 PAs with a 19:20 BB/K (15.0% BB%) upon debuting in Vermont and remains one of Oakland's most successful offensive contributors from the 2013 Lake Monsters (Not an exaggeration). Miller, the third senior signee through fourteen consecutive selections between rounds 21-33 for the Athletics within the 2013 Draft, he struggled significantly with a .176/.239/.214 slash between 143 PAs and should feature as the reserve behind Gorton for Beloit. 

Upon the mound, while Bobby Wahl could possibly be retained initially in Wisconsin, this projected roster presents a Paulino-Finnegan-Herrera-Trivino-Adkins rotation with Bragg, Kohler, Mendez, and Bahramzedeh also additionally eligible. Kohler and Herrera, the two youngest stateside pitchers, would both be 18 years old until the first week of May and provide Oakland with their only teenage assets within full season following the 20 year old Bragg and the 21 year old Alcantara/Mendez. Stalcup, Vattuone, and Michaud would round out the bullpen for Beloit with each receiving their first legitimate Beloit opportunity with Stalcup coinciding with Kohler as the only lefties following Lamb servicing as the only southpaw upon the 2013 ballclub. Paulino and Herrera would represent the international cast, with another southpaw, Jose Torres, also in contention to make the squad as a long relief chip. 

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