Monday, February 17, 2014

Oakland inks two Dominican arms

Broken by Susan Slusser, who alerted the public to transactions acquiring JC Rodriguez, Robert Mullen, Miggy Mercedes and Jhonny Rodriguez last spring, the Athletics have acquired their first Caribbean amateur arms since Jhenderson Alverez and Emerson Nelo in Dominican righties Enmanuel Sullivan and Ruber Aquino. Both shall undoubtedly attend the Dominican academy this offseason to complement fellow international brethren Jesus Lopez, Carlos Hiciano and Yhoelnys Gonzalez. While Oakland has feasted off of DPL (Dominican Prospect League) alumni, neither of these two 17 year old assets participated within the esteemed Dominican ranks, therefore resulting in an extremely minimal amount of information regarding them at the moment. Slusser additionally noted both are above 6'2" in height, demonstrating that at least physically they seem projectable upon the mound. 

The A's splurged nearly the entirety of their prescribed $1.9M international pool within Lopez ($950,000) and Hiciano ($750,000) in the most cost intensive offseason since 2010 in their harnessing of two premier Latin teenage prospects to complement another unofficial international piece latched onto in their 15th round Puerto Rican selection from the 2013 Draft, Edwin Diaz. So within the previous 9 months, the Athletics have acquired three of their top 50 prospects from the foreign ranks, bolstering an already teeming international depth chart featuring the breakout sensations of Raul Alcantara, Mike Ynoa and Renato Nuñez alongside Gregory Paulino, Jose Torres, Vicmal De La Cruz, Sandber Pimentel, Omar Duran, Andres Avila, Jon Joseph and Jonesy Zarraga. While Lopez, Diaz and Hiciano shall likely compete domestically between Arizona and Vermont; Aquino, Yhoelnys and Sullivan will remain to be seasoned within the DSL throughout the 2014 campaign. 

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