Thursday, October 23, 2014

Oakland A's Top 102 Prospects: Offseason

Having suffered losses of prized assets such as Addidon Russell and Billy McKinney coupled with a draft boding lackluster position and zero additional compensation or competitive balance acquisitions, not to mention minimal incoming farmhands arriving via trades with the Athletics endorsing a competitive approach at the Major League level, Oakland's organizational status is most certainly not that of a high profile farm system at the moment having to presently bank upon short season depth blossoming forth and underrated gems defying expectations to retain their footing amidst the Stockton contingent of Robertson, Olson and Nuñez spearheading the organization's farm products. Hoping to contend and therefore possess a premiere developmental contingent, the Athletics optimistically would require another half decade to see the organization rocket upwards to the present standing of Chicago and Houston while still weilding the potential to breach into the upper echelon of organizational prospect stock during the upcoming couple campaigns with extremely high ceiling prospects such as Justin Higley, Carlos Hiciano, Tyler Willman, Yairo Muñoz, Heath Fillmyer, Jordan Schwartz, and Jose Torres dotting the system and boasting some outstanding potentiality. However, with the afforementioned bunch showcasing zero names with prior California League experience, the A's would be overjoyed to have a lone individual amongst the class achieve a portion of their prescribed ceiling. There's still optimism to be uncovered amongst the green and gold cast though with Matt Chapman, Daniel Robertson, Matt Olson, and Dillon Overton showcasing profiles nearly assured of major league opportunities plus Michael Ynoa, Dylan Covey, Renato Nuñez, Bobby Wahl, Dustin Driver, Chad Pinder, and Raul Alcantara additionally flashing plus attributes that could purchase them a major league payday and starting position within the foreseeable future. With the current cluster of Stockton talent now seemingly having been prepared to graduate towards the upper reaches of the MiLB ladder, Oakland must search elsewhere for their next batch of lesser level tools to dream off of with an upcoming Midwest League rotation potentially providing that as the Athletics shall ignite extremist competition between Daniel Gossett, Corey Walter, Chris Kohler, Dillon Overton, Dustin Driver, Brett Graves, Cody Stull, Jesus Zambrano, and Jordan Schwartz as likely candidates through spring that could potentially sweep through the organization as a unit as well. Benefitting graciously from Matt Chapman anchoring Midland as a prominent catylst through their postseason stretch three months plucked from amateur competition alongside breakthrough campaigns from the trio of Renato Nuñez, Daniel Robertson and Matt Olson as 20 year olds plopped in California, Oakland's system has demonstated resilience in the wake of tremendous casualties and present an intriguing gaggle of prospects to form the bedrock of their hopeful rise upwards towards one of the more respected farms within the realm of baseball once again. 

Listed below are the ~140 individuals that ought to be notable within the organization prior to the 2015 campaign as thirteen separate installments shall follow this post with an individual profile of each prospect. While officially closing at 102, the differentials were extraordinally marginal towards the bottom of the listing and thus any one of the prospects within that portion could skyrocket with a successful stint or mechanical tweak. Prospects whose 27th birthday has already occured or falls prior to MiLB opening day (April 9th, 2015) were deemed ineligible: 

1. Matt Chapman

2. Daniel Robertson

3. Raul Alcantara

4. Matt Olson

5. Dustin Driver

6. Renato Nuñez

7. Michael Ynoa

8. Bobby Wahl

9. Dillon Overton

10. Dylan Covey

11. Chad Pinder

12. Yairo Muñoz

13. Seth Streich

14. Max Muncy

15. Chris Kohler

16. Heath Fillmyer

17. Justin Higley

18. Bruce Maxwell

19. Branden Kelliher

20. Arnold Leon

21. Jordan Schwartz

22. Kyle Finnegan

23. Brett Graves

24. Boogie Powell

25. Daniel Gossett

26. Jaycob Brugman

27. Seong-Min Kim

28. Argenis Blanco

29. Jesus Lopez

30. Ryon Healy

31. Jesus Zambrano

32. Bobby Crocker

33. Trace Loehr

34. Carlos Hiciano

35. Drew Granier

36. Jose Torres

37. Tucker Healy

38. Tyler Willman

39. Austin House

40. Sam Bragg

41. Sandber Pimentel

42. Edwin Diaz

43. Tyler Marincov

44. Aaron Shipman

45. Kris Hall

46. Angel Duno

47. Brendan McCurry

48. Max Kuhn

49. Santiago Chavez

50. Robert Martinez

51. Lana Akau
52. Dakota Freese
53. Sean Murphy
54. Chris Jensen
55. Shawn Duinkerk
56. Jose Brizuela
57. Corey Walter
58. Tanner Peters
59. Miles Head
60. Jose Rivas
61. Rodolfo Peñalo
62. Branden Cogswell
63. Beau Taylor
64. Mike Fagan
65. Louie Trivino
66. Blake Hassebrock
67. Vicmal De La Cruz 
68. Josh Whitaker
69. Jake Sanchez
70. Seth Frankoff
71. Chris Lamb
72. Tyler Hollstegge
73. Ryan Dull
74. JP Sportman
75. Derek DeYoung
76. Carlos Navas
77. Lee Sosa
78. Argenis Raga
79. Junior Mendez
80. Cody Kurz
81. Koby Gauna
82. Luis Barrera
83. Philly Ortiz
84. Trent Gilbert
85. Matt Stalcup
86. David Montilla
87. Michael Soto
88. Ivan Andueza
89. Rob Huber
90. Joe Bennie
91. Eric Mariñez
92. Kevin Johnson
923 Brett Vertigan
94. Melvin Mercedes
95. Derek Beasley
96. Ryan Mathews
97. Nick Rickles
98. Cody Stull
99. Robert Mullen
100. Miggy Mercedes
101. Dominique Vattuone
102. Emerson Nelo

Honorable Mentions: 

Jean Carlo Rodriguez
Jesus Rivas
Hunter Adkins
Trevor Bayless
Blake McMullen
Jerad Grundy
Joe Michaud
Jonathan Massad
Jorge Gordon
Dawson Brown
Victor Veliz
Reynaldo Hoyos
Corey Miller
Chih Fang-Pan
Kyle Wheeler
Andy Paz
Sam Roberts
Bennie Bracewell
Gabe Santana
Travis Pitcher
Chad Oberacker
AJ Kubala
Ruber Aquino
Jhonny Rodriguez
Juan Mendoza
Oscar Tovar
Jean Carlos Ruiz Torres
Jorge Martinez
Ryan Huck
Tyler Painton
AJ Burke
Wade Kirkland
Phil Pohl
Ryan Gorton
Luis Baez
Javier Agelvis
Barry Hernandez
Gean Rigby
Kevin Ferreras
Alejandro Vargas

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