Saturday, April 26, 2014

Oakland rounds up a gaggle of international prospects

With Oakland having previously acquired Jesus Lopez ($950,000), Carlos Hiciano ($750,000), Ruber Aquino, Enmanuel Sullivan and Yhoelnys Gonzalez, the Athletics continue their international spree with the acquisitions of Gean Rigby, Jesus Monserratt and Alexander Calderon on five figure contracts to bolster the respective 2014 DSL roster for Oakland. Gean Ribgy (Alternative spelling of "Rygby"), the second Nicaraguan after Jesus Lopez plucked by the Athletics, features as a 6'0", 180 pound center fielder who now currently is the youngest player in the organization after being born on Jaunary 7th, 1997. While information upon Rigby is minimal, there are multiple videos regarding the youngster:

Jesus Monserratt, a 180 pound Venezuelan catcher, and Alexander Calderdon, a projectable 6'3" southpaw, additionally enter the organization with Monserratt serving as the second player born in 1997 under Oakland ownership (1/3/1997). Ruber Aquino, born 12/29/1996, is the third youngest while Jesus Zambrano, the 16 year old DSL standout the promises the feature within the AZL rotation through 2014, still pertains as the 6th youngest player in the organization despite signing in 2013. Alexander Calderon joins Kevin Ferrera, Jhenderson Hurtado, Ivan Andueza, Reynaldo Hoyos and Anderson Mata as lefties upon the DSL roster with Victor Veliz headed towards Arizona. Jesus Monserratt replaces the recently departed Santiago Chavez and shall compete with Robert Mullen (Panama), Barry Hernandez (Columbia) and Miguel Guzman (Dominican Republic) for backstop duties in the international academy this summer. 

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